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Secure Capital Research LLC is a U.S. registered Broker-Dealer and member of FINRA/SIPC.  Our mission is to provide high net worth and institutional investors with direct access to a broad array of high quality private placement investment opportunities.  Our investment offerings range from stable pure yield to higher risk / higher return opportunities, including value-add property acquisitions and individual development projects, venture capital and private placement opportunities.  We employ a rigorous due diligence process that combines a bottom-up fundamental analysis with a top-down macro overlay.  Finally, we leverage our long-term tenure and relationships across several industries, enabling us to gain access to proprietary investment opportunities offered by world-class sponsors with demonstrated long term track records of success.

Top real estate developers and middle market industry operators are better equipped to maximize efficiency, execution, and profitability when they have access to diverse funding sources to capitalize a project.  In addition to our commitment to our investors, we strive to provide our highly-select sponsors efficient capital solutions to optimize their capital raised through our knowledge of capital markets, strong industry relationships and governmental programs geared towards funding new projects and businesses.


Over the past few decades, commercial real estate and private placement offerings have evolved into a highly compelling asset class, and, if properly structured, can meaningfully improve the overall performance of a diversified investment portfolio.  Private placement investment can offer an attractive balance of current yield with the potential for capital appreciation, has low or negative correlations with traditional public investment options and is widely regarded as an efficient hedge against inflation.



We firmly believe that individuals and institutions with investable assets exceeding $1 million can benefit from alternative investments to diversify their portfolio outside of the stock market and other market correlated assets. Properly structured private investments improve overall portfolio performance without increasing overall risk.  Our commitment to best-in-breed sponsors and other premier industry service providers allows us to offer our clients an unmatched opportunity in the private placement space.



NOTICE: Before we can discuss current projects, you are self-verifying that you are an accredited investor or qualified purchaser. 

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